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Since 2019 Elegant Eternity, a Spokane WA based jewelry company, has been creating fashion forward jewelry with a twist. We wanted to take an old concept of the basic photo locket and turn it into something unique that has never been seen before...


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How long does it take to ship?

Each piece of Elegant Eternity Jewelry is Handmade to order. It takes between 3-4 days to hand make one piece. We display our delivery windows on each product page as well so you can know exactly when you're order will be delivered.

Are these water/sweat proof?

Yes! Being the only photo jewelry company in the states to make our own products, we have developed a water sealant process to ensure the micro photograph inside each piece is not ruined by water or sweat.

Do you offer any type of warranty?

Yes! All Elegant Eternity jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty for any defects. You can see our warranty guide here!

Why should I choose you?

  1. While we understand there are other options out there, we are the only company in the United States who makes and produces our own pieces. We do not have them made in China like all other brands you may have seen and as a result we have control over what materials are used which gives us the ability to produce a superior product (which is why you won't find any others offering a lifetime warranty).
  2. Also, as we make our own items, our shipping times are UNMATCHED! You won't wait 25-30 days like other brands to receive your order.
  3. We believe a happy customer is a forever customer which is why the most important thing to us is customer service. We have a fully staffed customer service team available Monday - Friday 8:00AM PST - 5:00PM PST to answer any questions you may have. No more emails that never get a reply... at least not from us.

How do I see the photo?

We have a few different viewing methods:

  1. Simply look through the front of the gem as if looking through a keyhole.
  2. Take your phones flashlight (or other light source) and hold it to the back of the stone to project a large version on a surface.